What We Do

PCR test nurses

In the face of the pandemic, our dedicated and skilled nurses have worked to support other healthcare providers in various capacities, among them COVID-19 testing. The nurses have a firm understanding of the conditions surrounding the virus and are fully trained on how to handle themselves and patients while testing and interacting with the patients.

Flight nurses

We provide specialist flight nurses to public and private clients that require medical attention in transit. Our nurses have experience in air ambulance support as well as private transport care. The nurses are well versed in the medical and aviation aspects related to their work. They have vast experience providing patients with the support they need before they can get to the closest medical facility.

Intensive care nursing agency

We are one of the leading London nursing agencies. As a leader in the field, we have the best-in-class and experienced nursing professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Our nurses have specialist training in various fields, including A&E, HDU, ITU, renal care, community, oncology and all grades of paediatrics. Our nurses can cater to patients of all dependencies, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and healthcare standards.

Nursing home nurses

Nursing homes are a critical part of the UK healthcare system. They have the role of providing the elderly with a comfortable and productive life. Nursing home nurses are a vital part of the fabric of nursing homes in the UK. At Practical Nursing Agency, you can find nurses who can work in nursing homes or provide home-based care to the elderly. Regardless of your needs, you can rely on to find you the best nurse per your requirements in the shortest time possible.


Paediatric nurses

The paediatric department is a challenging one. Not only are children uncooperative, but they need a friendly and personable approach that can make their visit to the doctor more comfortable. We are proud to have a team of experienced paediatric nurses with stellar performance in this field and ready to get to work.

Mental health nursing

We have a dedicated mental health nursing ready to provide flexible and reliable support to various healthcare facilities and mental health institutions. With the best training, preparedness and awareness, our nurses can handle most mental health conditions and are aware of the safety precautions for the patient, and have the relevant training.


Prison nurses

We provide nursing support to HM Prison Service and many other private contractors requiring London nursing agencies services. We can offer the services on demand and for all prisons, from high-security prisons to young offender institutions.

Why Choose Us

Vast talent pool

We are always looking for the best nurses in the UK. Our pool includes flight nurses, nursing home nurses, prison nurses, paediatric nurses, oncologist nurses, mental health nurses and other specialist nurses. We can help you fill any nursing position even on short notice from our wide pool of talented, skilled and passionate nurses.

Highly trained specialist staff

Our specialist staff are all highly trained and passionate about providing the very highest quality of nursing care. With exacting standards and a raft of qualifications under their belts, our nurses are best-in-class suppliers of healthcare support. We consistently invest in their personal development and have an unwavering belief in the importance of developing a comprehensive knowledge of medical care.

Experienced nurses

Finding experienced nurses is not an easy task, especially on short notice. That is why we are always on the search for the best nurses to add to our team. With us, you’re always assured of experienced nurses who can make life-changing decisions and deliver the best quality care for all patients.

Staffing on short notice

In the healthcare industry, staffing gaps can be the difference between life and death. With Practical Nursing Agency, we provide you with all the staffing solutions you need. We deliver the best nurses even on short notice to ensure you keep the promise of delivering the best healthcare to all patients.


Full vetting and background checks

Our professional nursing team is comprised exclusively of carefully vetted individuals who are highly knowledgeable and deeply passionate about providing first-class care to patients up and down the UK. All of our nurses are registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council and are all Disclosure and Barring Service certified. This means you can take heart that we are highly reputable industry experts with the credentials to show it.

Flexible packages

Our packages can be adjusted to suit your needs. You don’t have to worry about exorbitant fees. We will tailor our packages to your needs and for the period you need the nurses.


Save time recruiting

You don’t have to worry about finding the right nurse for your team. We have over three decades of experience in recruiting and a ready team ready to step in and assist where possible. When working with us, you can focus on running the institution while ensuring you have the personnel with the right skills and experience to provide your patients and clients with the best healthcare.


We Are A Team Of…

Highly trained specialist staff

Our team of nurses covers all the specialist and general nursing occupations. Each nurse is well-trained, has years of experience, and is passionate about the profession. Our nursing team comprises the best-in-class nurses with impressive qualifications under their belts. For quality assurance, we regularly invest in personal development to ensure the nurses have the latest skills and comprehensive knowledge of medical care.

On-demand support

We are one of the leading London nursing agencies offering quality care and nursing coverage to clients across the UK. We are easily reachable on any day, at any time of the year. We are punctual, flexible and pay attention to every detail of our client’s requirements. Whether you’re seeking to plug staffing gaps, a specialist nurse for home-based care, or make administration more effective, we are your go-to nursing agency.

Extensive healthcare experience

We understand that the best lessons in the medical industry are in the field. Besides hiring the best-in-class nurses, we also focus on nurses with extensive industry experience. Having been in the field for over 30 years, we can appreciate the skill and knowledge that comes with time.

With our experience, you’re not only assured of the best nurses and the best healthcare but also prompt and efficient services. Our team is well versed with the logistics that come with the job, which allows us to remain flexible and affordable to cater to all clients.

Healthcare with compassion

The healthcare field comes with a lot of emotions. Most of the clients we take care of are going through tough times. Providing healthcare compassionately and making the clients feel loved and comforted is our gold standard. We aim to provide the patient support required and go to extra lengths to ensure they can adapt to their condition. Even in high-pressure situations, you can rely on our nursing teams to remain calm and reassuring to keep patients calm and comfortable.

Complete confidentiality

The medical field is one of the most tightly regulated in terms of confidentiality. Our nurses are well aware of this. They hold themselves to the same values. The nurses have cared for various high-profile figures and understand how important forging trust is in delivering premium care without intruding on the patient’s privacy.

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