Welcome to Practical Nursing Agency

Our Mission Statement

To support suppliers, pass on the most critical medical practice when no one else can and always make sure our staff love us as much as our customers.

We are a traditional company that practices the vision of Florence Nightingale. We are a service provider to all health care sectors, with over 30 years of first-hand experience in the medical industry. Our company provides nurses to adults and children in need of home care. Intensive care nurses can undertake international and national hospital cover.

We also tailor our services to intravenous drug administration, phlebotomy and dressing changes. We have a wide range of education packages for health care professionals.

We are one of the leading healthcare providers in England and Wales. We provide an exceptional level of quality when delivering all of our services. Our nurses and healthcare workers are highly trained and well experienced. We have a large group of pediatric intensive care trained nurses who are available to work in PICU. Our employees are all registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council and are all Disclosure and Barring Service certified. All compliance checks are carried out before our staff are employed as per the CQC guidelines. There is an increasing number of children who are ventilator dependent and have real difficulties getting back to their homes because there is not enough back-up at home to support their ventilator requirements. Practical Staffing offers high-quality nursing care provided by carefully selected nurses. We can provide 24/7 nursing cover for children who need home ventilation. We communicate and liaise with relevant authorities to establish the best care for children needing long-term ventilation.

Practical Nursing Agency strives to meet both short and long-term needs with the provision of qualified temporary staff.

Below is how our process will work

Simply phone or email us to communicate your needs to our consultants, we are here to provide a quality service 24/7 with regards to all circumstances.

How It Works

Please tell us the following when making an inquiry:

What type of staff are required?

When and where they are needed?

How long are they needed?

  • One of our consultants will then search and select the most appropriate candidates.
  • We will then confirm promptly the shift details, the rates and information on the candidates.

We aim to give a simple but efficient & effective service.

Why Healthcare Service Providers choose Practical Nursing Agency

  • Practical Nursing Agency is a leading specialist in all Healthcare sectors. We understand our clients operate in high pressured situations, which is why our service is twenty-four hours, we are constantly on-call.
  • We will always maintain a tremendous service standard. Our business is small, and we pride ourselves on focusing on the little things that help our clients achieve their goals. We always keep our clientele updated and informed on a daily basis.
  • All Nurses and Healthcare assistants complete a point-by-point application and enrolment process with our specialised group.
  • Practical Nursing Agency aims to assemble an individual rapport with every client we work with. We need to completely comprehend a customer's necessities and any prerequisites they may have now and furthermore later on. We precisely select the right medical attendant for every last change, ensuring our client gets a supportive and effective administration.
  • We understand that our customers experience fluctuating requirements for impermanent medical and considerate staff. We ensure that occasions and developed times of nonattendance, for example, maternity leave, do not bring staffing deficiencies; At Practical Nursing Agency, we are ready to supply you with crisis spread at even surprisingly short notice.
  • Our company has over 30 years of experience, including experts that can help you arrange your staffing ahead of time with the goal in mind that, you keep up the congruity of consideration and address your patients’ issue, each day of the year. Our part is to help you get ready for every single such variety and make sure target staffing levels are kept up, to meet consideration quality principles.