Accident and Emergency Nursing Agency

In an accident or medical emergency, time, skill and precision are of the essence. You need the best medical care in a short period. As Practical Nursing Agency, we have a team of experienced A&E nurses ready to be deployed to healthcare facilities and hospitals all over the UK.

Our vast pool of experienced nurses ensures we can supply you with the speciality and skill you need per the facility's requirements allowing you to give the best care to accident and emergency patients. Our nursing team is flexible and offers attentive needs to match the facility's needs, the standards of NHS, and the best patient care.

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Where We Work

Our team of A&E nurses is thoroughly trained and experienced. The nurses have vast knowledge and familiarity working in various settings while delivering the same high standards of care and attention. The nurses are qualified to work in:

  • NHS Trusts
  • Community hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Complex Care Agencies

We can cover shifts on short notice at any location in the UK. Our team of cool, calm, and skilled staff is capable of delivering high-standard medical care in high-pressure situations. They can work in various departments, including triage, children, minors and majors.

What Our A&E Nurses Offer

We understand the urgency and sensitivity of the A&E department. We aim to provide competent nurses with experience working in high-pressure environments that can make quick life-saving decisions. With our A&E nurses, you're assured of:

  • Well-trained and expert nurses – We ensure all our nurses are well trained in the professional and medical aspects of A&E. The nurses are fully equipped to hand the high pressure that comes with this department and are passionate about delivering quality healthcare, holding themselves to the highest professional and medical standards at all times.
  • Compassionate – We understand that nursing is not only about training. We have nurses with the X-factor, and that is compassion. As the first point of contact for patients coming into the accident and emergency section, creating a positive and reassuring first impression is vital. Our nurses maintain a calm, cool and collected demeanour. They are highly personable and approachable. Besides handling medical emergencies, the nurses can also respond to some of the patient's questions and concerns calmly and reassuringly.
  • Flexibility – The A&E department often suffers from staffing gaps or becomes shorthanded. As a leading nursing agency, our flexible service will ensure you can plug the gaps and increase your capacity to handle any situation. We are in constant contact with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with adaptable and cost-effective packages suited to their needs.
  • Unparalleled service delivery – We are all about exceptional service delivery, and so are our nurses. We understand that medicine is a calling, and we take every opportunity to create a positive impact on both the patient and our clients. The nurses are trained to cope with any situation that comes their way, and the stress that comes with A&E. Regardless of the department Practical Nursing Agency nurses work in, you can expect them to excel and shine.

Why Choose Practical Nursing Agency?

  • Experience – We have been in the medical industry for over 30 years. Our extended stay means we have seen the best and the worst in the medical and healthcare industry, and we can help you prepare for it. We have a robust team of nurses ready to provide the highest standards of care in different types of healthcare facilities.
  • Flexible and adaptable – Our clients have different needs and requirements. That is why we also have a highly versatile team and flexible packages. We can offer long and short-term solutions and also cater to clients on short notice. Our packages are flexible and affordable, allowing you to provide quality healthcare at affordable rates.
  • Trained and registered nurses – Practical Nursing Agency only hires well-trained and experienced nurses. All our nurses are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and have undergone enhanced Disclosure checks. With us, you have work-ready and passionate nurses.

Accident & Emergency Nursing Jobs

We are constantly looking to expand our professional team of accident and emergency nurses, and are always pleased to accept prospective applications from skilled candidates who work well under pressure. We offer competitive rates of pay, and our team members enjoy a huge range of benefits.

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