Agency Midwife Service

Bringing life into the world is a pivotal process that requires the best care for mother and baby. Midwives have their jobs cut out for them during the delivery process. At Practical Nursing Agency, we can provide on-demand support to maternity wards, private facilities and private clients across the UK.

Our midwives are well-trained with a firm grasp of the latest in pre and post-natal healthcare. The midwives have a long track record of successful deliveries and are equipped with all they need to deal with all births and some of the most common specialist conditions.

With exceptional skills and compassion, our team of midwives will provide the best care for the mother and the best welcome for the newborn. As the leading nursing agency in London and across the U.K, get in touch today!

Our Midwifery Services

Midwifery is one of the sections where you cannot settle for anything else but the best. With our 30 years of medical staffing experience, we know how to pick the best-in-class, passionate and self-driven midwives that will stop at nothing to offer the best care for mother and child. Our range of midwife staffing services include:

Flexible scheduling – A sudden influx of mothers ready for delivery can leave your maternity ward short-handed. Practical Nursing Agency is equipped to support public and private maternity wards across Wales, England and Scotland. Our simple and fast procurement procedures ensure you get the resources you need to provide the best care to expectant mothers.

Should any complications arise, we also have specialist midwives equipped to deal with various specialist conditions effectively and safely.

Expert neonatal care

Our team of specialist midwives offers the highest standard of ad hoc neonatal care. Right from delivery, the midwives will offer exceptional care for the newborn, drawing from their extensive training and years of experience to provide the best healthcare guidance for both the mother and the child. We know how important the first few hours of after delivery are, and our midwives never leave anything to chance, ensuring the mother and child have the best start to their new life.

Bedside manner

Our team of midwives has collectively helped deliver and care for thousands of mothers and their babies. Over the years, these specialists have perfected the art of forging relationships between parents, families and newborns. This unique characteristic is what makes Practical Nursing Agency the leading agency for midwives. We believe qualifications are as essential as compassion and passionate midwives for the best care results.


Our midwives have years of experience. In their line of work, they have dealt with all types of mothers and various delivery complications, delivering amazing results and experiences every time. With their vast knowledge and experience, our team is easily the first choice in many maternity units fitting in seamlessly in both adaptable and long-term care.

Why Choose Practical Nursing Agency?

  • Experience – Practical Nursing Agency has over 30 years of recruiting experience. We have provided support to most maternity wards in the UK, ensuring mothers and babies are comfortable during and after birth. We provide flexible services to both public and private institutions, and we can also offer the same service to private clients as well.
  • Robust, well-skilled team – Our team of midwives is able to cope and adapt no matter where they are deployed. All midwives under Practical Nursing Agency are registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council. They have enhanced Disclosure checks (DBS) and are ready for deployment even on short notice.
  • The best-vetted nurses across the UK - What makes us stand out is the quality and qualifications of our staff. Our midwives are the best-in-class and are fully vetted, allowing you to focus on administration while our specialist midwives deliver exceptional care in your maternity wards. The midwives also benefit from ongoing training to ensure they stay in touch with current trends and offer premium quality natal care for both mother and newborn babies.

Agency Midwife Nursing Jobs

Practical Nursing is always seeking to recruit for competitively paid midwife positions across the UK. As one of the nation’s leading midwife agencies, we effectively place professionals into midwifery roles that are flexible yet challenging.

For a range of fantastic benefits and the chance to further your career as a professional midwife, why not get in touch.