Apps useful for Dementia Patients

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The loss of thinking, reasoning, remembering collectively called reasoning working to such a limit that it starts to disturb the person’s everyday activities and life is called dementia. It is a severe disease that needs to be treated on time. Its nature can be of both types, advanced and chronic. It mainly affects people of age groups ranging from 80 years to onwards.

According to the WHO recent facts sheet, it was found that dementia’s most common form is Alzheimer’s. And is one of the seventh foremost roots of death among all diseases. It was also found that Alzheimer’s contributes to 60-70% of the cases of dementia. These statistics show that there is a dire need for dementia patients to be well equipped with suitable applications in their day to day life in order to be able to function healthily.

Signs and Symptoms of dementia

The symptoms of dementia can vary from person to person. Some of the symptoms are described below:

  • poor judgment
  • inability to judge clearly
  • perpetual state of confusion
  • experiencing memory loss.
  • repetition of questions.
  • taking longer than usual time to complete daily chores
  • instability in movement

The disease dementia is also related to the changes that can happen in the human brain. People with close friends or loved ones that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s know how damaging this illness can be and how badly it affects the people surrounding the patient. In the 21st century, the world has slowly but surely converted into a global village, and technology is getting more advanced day by day. Unfortunately, there are still some diseases whose cures have not been found yet, and dementia is one of them.

However, to help cope with this disease and make its symptoms bearable, a plethora of apps have been invented. Below we have given a list of some of the apps that are useful for dementia patients and will help them manage their day to day tasks more conveniently.


This app has gained immense popularity in the past few years since its inception and launch. The number of people that are using this app is around 100 million. There are thousands of fun games in this app that are very easy to learn and help in brainstorming. These games are entertaining and challenging. This ultimately helps to improve brain nerve functionality and reasoning.

This app is available for both Androids and Apple products. It is beneficial for patients suffering from dementia and the total cost of this app is a mere 14.95$ per month.

Word Search Colourful

Apps should be fun and colourful that people should find engaging. Word Search Colourful manages to be both aesthetically enthralling and helpful for dementia patients in the long run. This app is also available on Android and Apple, and it is absolutely free for users. As the name suggests, this app consists of different blocks of letters and words that we have to search.

Mind Mate

Mind Mate is also an app intended to help dementia patients that has gained immense popularity over time among dementia users. It is one of the effective apps used for healthy ageing. The app’s infrastructure is beautifully designed. It allows multiple users at one time to participate through which patients and their loved ones can play in various mentally engaging and stimulating activities collectively.

Persistent Treatment

Persistent treatment is also one of the apps that is available for mobile phones and tablets. This app also offers a different kinds of therapies for dementia patients, such as speech therapy, language therapy, and various reasoning sessions.

Grey matters: Scrapbook

Grey matter’s creator Jenny Rozbruch’s late grandmother inspired this app’s method and core idea. The app contains different kinds of pictures, like a scrapbook. The app functions primarily by containing pictures to test memories of users.

Flower Garden

The Flower Garden app is specially designed for the aid of dementia patients. This app consists of hums and melodies of different flowers and garden based sounds that are very calm, comforting, and soothing to the users mind.

Through this app users are able to plant flowers in a manner that is similar to how flowers are planted in real life. Some flowers take longer to grow, and some bloom right away after you plant them. They require equal responsibility, love, and proper care and these factors ultimately end up helping dementia patients manage with their symptoms.

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