Chemotherapy Nurses

There are 2.5 million people currently living with cancer in the UK. After every two minutes, a person in the UK is diagnosed with cancer. The good news is cancer treatment has come a long way, and the prognosis is better than it was in the past.

One of the treatments administered to cancer patients is chemotherapy. At Practical Nursing Agency, we understand how important staffing is to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. That is why we have a team of chemotherapy nurses equipped to take up the high profile, high stakes role required with chemotherapy treatment.

Our chemotherapy nurses are in the front line of helping patients with cancer cope with the treatment and remain comfortable for the duration of the treatment. As the leading nursing agency in London and across the U.K, get in touch today!

The Roles of Chemotherapy Nurse

Chemotherapy nurses are a vital asset for institutions and private clients. They play various roles in ensuring cancer patients receive the best level of care while receiving treatment. Our chemotherapy nurses can play various roles within the facility, which include:

  • Educating patients – Practical Nursing Agency chemotherapy nurses are extensively trained, with years of experience. The nurses can draw on this training and experience to educate patients on their journey and help them make decisions that will help improve their health and make the treatment more effective.
  • Administering chemotherapy drugs – Our nurses have a firm grasp on the administration of chemotherapy drugs and the procedures involved. The nurses understand the dangers of handling cytotoxic chemotherapy chemicals and the safety precautions required when handling and administering the drugs. Through years of training and practice, the chemotherapy nurses are well versed with the huge array of drugs used to treat cancer and related conditions.
  • Managing the side effects – One of the downsides of cancer treatments is the ravaging side effects. Skilled chemotherapy nurses ought to anticipate and know how to manage the side effects to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. Practical Nursing Agency chemo nurses are regularly trained to keep up with any notable side effects of cancer treatments and how to manage the effects effectively.
  • Emotional support – Terminal illnesses like cancer can be emotionally draining. The patient requires reassurance and emotional support regularly throughout the treatment to keep them optimistic and in high spirits. Our compassionate team of chemotherapy nurses has the experience to provide professional care and emotional support to the patients.

Our Chemotherapy Nursing Services

Not all private and institutional clients are looking for the same service. That is why we offer various services to cater to the needs of all our clients. These services include:

Chemotherapy nurses – We have a highly trained and experienced team of chemotherapy nurses who are experienced in providing care to cancer patients during treatment. No matter where they are placed, the nurses will hit the ground running, providing premium level support and healthcare to all patients who need them.

Ongoing cancer care – The road to recovery from cancer is often long and demanding. Our team of cancer nurses can continue providing assistance at home after you leave the hospital. The nurses will help you recover and adapt, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and attention.

Bespoke treatment – As technology and treatments advance, cancer treatments are becoming more tailored to the patient. Our skilled cancer nurses are trained to cope and adapt to the treatment plan of the patient. The nurses will also offer the necessary support to the patient and their family during the challenging chemotherapy process.

Flexible scheduling – We offer different staffing types on an ad hoc basis to our clients. We understand the constraints in NHS and private healthcare facilities, and we aim to provide flexible services that can cover staffing gaps or shortfalls in this high-pressure environment. Whether you want nurses on a permanent, fixed-term, temporary, or direct engagement basis, we can deliver. Our nurses are work-ready and ready for duty even on short notice making us an excellent choice for clients that have a last-minute emergency and need someone to step in.  

Chemotherapy Nursing Jobs

We are constantly seeking to grow our team of specialist chemotherapy nurses, and accept prospective applications from highly skilled candidates. With incredibly competitive rates of pay and a variety of other great benefits, our team is made up of some of the UK’s finest nursing professionals.

Contact us today to continue your journey of professional development as part of the UK’s most supportive nursing agency network.