Days out in London

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Do you know London is the third most beautiful capital in the world after the likes of Paris and Rome? London is famous for its reputation as one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities, with a fantastic collection of museums, shops, and restaurants. London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is also among the oldest of the world’s great cities, with its history stretching nearly two millennia.

No doubt, this place is a wonderful city. Little wonder many foreign enthusiastic tourists, students, and residents of the UK go to London every passing year.

Did you know London has the most miniature statue of two mice eating cheese? Well, if you do, the story behind the statue is of two builders who fought each other about eating the other’s meal. It was later found out that it was some mice that ate it.

London Has about 170 Museums. It is a significant cultural and ancient centre and museums could not have been missed in this area. If you visit this amazing city, you would undoubtedly lose a fraction of your outing if you don’t stop by one of them. Here is a  list of some of the museums you can visit:

  1. The British Museum
  2. Museum of London
  3. Victoria and Albert Museum
  4. Natural History Museum
  5. Science Museum
  6. The Gallery
  7. London Transport Museum
  8. National Maritime Museum
  9. The Wallace Collection
  10. Churchill War Rooms

Apart from wonderful museums, some places are best for your days out in London. Let’s take a look at the places, the adventure, and their location:

Sea Life London Aquarium

This is a place where you see sea animals like sharks, jellyfish, seahorses, penguins, starfish, e.t.c. When you visit, explore where the sharks are as you see them swim under you. Can you imagine that? Do you have the nerve? Experiencing it will help you discover if you can stand it. Most visits last up to an hour with a ticket booked in advance. The entry time is between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is situated in the County Hall building on the south bank of the River Thames, next to the London Eye.

Emirates Air Line Cable Car

This airline runs across the River Thames between the Greenwich peninsula and Royal Docks. By the Emirates Air Line Cable Car, you can glide across to enjoy the beautiful aerial view of the Thames, London’s skyline, the Greenwich Peninsula, the Royal Docks, and The O2. The journey lasts for about ten minutes. The ride can be taken from the North Greenwich or Royal Victoria’s side. Return flights are also obtainable.

Visiting The View from The Shard

The View from The Shard is one of the highest buildings in Europe with a height of about 1000ft which is almost twice that of any other tall building in London. It allows you to see up to 40 miles across London. The View from The Shard is accessible up to the 72nd level, an open-air platform. This platform offers a spectacular view of London. It is located outside London Bridge Station.

You can book the above places to gain access. The prices are affordable. You’ll agree London is a fantastic place to have a day out in, feel free to pick a place and have fun at on a sunny day.

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