Flight Nurses

Flight nurses are a part of a larger team that often involves flight paramedics, flight physicians and respiratory practitioners. When the case is not so serious, the flight nurse can accompany the patient alone.

Aeromedical evacuation is not common, so not many private or institutional clients always have flight nurses at hand. At Practical Nursing Agency, we are here to provide you with quality flight nurses on an ad hoc basis. Our highly qualified nurses are ready to report to work on short notice and jump right in the middle of the action. As the leading nursing agency in London and across the U.K, get in touch today!

Responsibilities of a Flight Nurse

Flight nurses are part of a team of aeromedical evacuation personnel aboard helicopters or aeroplanes; the nurse has various roles on the plane, among them managing and caring for all types of patients.

One of the primary roles of a flight nurse is to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient and administer the necessary patient care. The nurse has to evaluate the needs of the patients during the flight and see to it the proper equipment, medication and supplies are provided for the patient.

The flight nurse can also perform initial emergency care where a medical physician is not present. With the great responsibilities of the profession, flight nurses receive extensive and intense training to equip them with the skills to offer high-quality care even in high-pressure environments.

Our Flight Nursing Services

Practical Nursing Agency offers a variety of flight nurse services tailored to the needs of our clients. Our flight nurses can cater to various medical operations, private clients and institutions in the UK and internationally. The services we offer include:

Professional flight nurses – We have a dynamic team of expert flight nurses trained to take on the most challenging circumstances and deliver at a high level. The professional nurses will provide the best healthcare for the patient regardless of the situation while in transit.

Flexible scheduling – We understand our clients are in different staffing situations and are looking for different solutions. With our flexible scheduling, you're assured of having the best and the most qualified flight nurses at any time or location. We can source the best-in-sector staff to match your healthcare staffing needs, even on short notice.

Critical care – Our specialist flight nurses have vast experience in providing transitory care to patients requiring different levels of medical care. The nurses have worked in everything from air ambulances to inflight care. In every category, they have delivered stellar results. The nurses are always ready to act and preserve life when there is no other medical alternative available.

Medical transport – Our flight nurses have been trained to offer nothing but the best care to patients travelling from international treatment centres. With their training and experience, clients can have peace of mind knowing all their medical needs are catered to by the best in the industry.

Why Choose Practical Nursing?

Experience – We have more than 30 years of professional staffing. Our experienced nurses will seamlessly adapt to the busy flight plans of the local air ambulance transport. The nurses are well versed with the high profile clients they will take care of and understand the code of conduct and ethics they must adhere to while in this line of work.

Experienced nurses – At Practical Nursing Agency, we don't just find the best-in-sector nurses. We also find the most experience. We know how vital experience can be in high-pressure situations, which is why we seek the services of the best and most experienced nurses.

Well-trained team – Our team of flight nurses is one of the best trained. We are also committed to further developing the team through regular training to provide clients with the best support. Together with a well-organised support team, our team of nurses is ready for anything at any time.  

Flight Nurse Jobs

We are always looking to expand our professional team of flight nurses, and welcome prospective applications from skilled candidates who are comfortable with working in transit and in the air. With a range of great benefits and extremely competitive rates of pay, we would love to welcome you to our team.

Contact us today to continue your journey of professional development as part of the UK’s most supportive nursing agency network.