5 Games for the Elderly

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Have you ever thought games are only for children and youth? Your thought might have been right because we don’t see elders playing games, but as you follow, you will understand the need for elders to play games and the type of games they can play?

Games are used for relaxation; it’s one of the best ways to ease stress. A game is a form of leisure with active or role-playing entities. When selecting games for the elderly, look for games that they can play with relative ease and that do not jeopardize their safety. Games can either be:

  • Digital
  • Physical

Digital games are electronic stimulation for educational or recreation purposes. A digital game is any form of an electronically mediated game, while physical games are the opposite of digital games, and they are not electronic. However, adults will prefer physical games compared to digital games.

Why should the elderly play games?

Social interaction:  people are social beings, whether young or old, we develop when we relate to others around us. At an older age, elders who do not have a healthy family assistance system or relief for socialisation will be in isolation and loneliness. Social isolation and loneliness can cause mental problems like anxiety, depression, or physical issues like dementia, stroke, or death. Playing games will help them to interact socially.

Practising coordination and skillfulness elderly don’t need high-intensity physical activity to exercise physical coordination; even indoor games with the least physical activity can help the elderly accomplish better coordination and exercise their fine motor abilities. Since it involves their hands, it helps their manual skillfulness.

Games the elderly can play

  • Chess:-Chess is a board game played between two players. Sometimes it is called Western chess or international chess. The main objective of this game is to checkmate the opponent’s king. There are 16 pieces on each side which makes it a total of 32. The pieces are eight pawns, two Bishops, two Knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king.
  • Checkers: This game is played by two people, the game is about capturing and removing your opponent’s game piece before your opponent does the same to you.
  • Dice games: This involves rolling dice. It can be played in different ways. It can be played by two or more people. Below are some ways it can be played:

Highest roll, The person with the highest combination of numbers is declared the winner.

Number match, since two dice are used, points are earned as a gamer has the two dice to have the same number after a throw. The gamer with the highest point after rounds of throws is declared the winner.

Puzzle: To make a puzzle more engaging and entertaining, you can use the picture of the elderly. Cut the picture into many pieces, scatter it then give it to the elders. Let them arrange it and arrange the whole picture properly, the first person to accurately arrange the picture is declared the winner. However, it is not compulsory that their picture is used.

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