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Intensive care nursing focuses on caring for patients that are unstable, critically ill, patients that have undergone surgeries, and those that suffer from life-threatening diseases and injuries.  To say that this is a speciality field in nursing is an understatement. Keeping up with the demands and requirements of working in the ICU requires highly specialised training and experience to equip the nurses with the necessary skills to provide ICU patients with the care and support they need.

Intensive care nurses have to make split-second, life-saving decisions and respond quickly whenever the patient's status changes. Intensive care is one of the departments that should never be shorthanded. But, if you find yourself in that situation or your intensive care nurses for home care, Practical Nursing Agency can provide you with qualified and experienced nurses on the shortest notice.

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What Do Intensive Care Nurses Do?

Intensive care nurses have numerous responsibilities that change depending on the condition of the patient. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Evaluation and monitoring of the patient's progress and identifying any changes in the patient's medical condition.
  • Administering medications by injection, intravenously, or by gastric tubes.
  • Providing doctors with regular updates on the patient’s progress.
  • Responding to health emergencies and alerting the appropriate doctors
  • Caring for the patient throughout their recovery journey.
  • Assessing the patient’s pain level and administering the appropriate sedation medication.

Because of the demanding nature of the intensive care unit nursing job, passion plays a critical role. At Practical Nursing Agency, we find the best and most passionate intensive care nurses ready to work as a team to achieve the best results. With extensive training and years of experience, you can rest assured that our team will fit in perfectly and continue to run things smoothly and to the highest standards.

Our Intensive Care Nursing Services

Just like every other nursing department, the needs of the intensive care department are unique and differ from one client to the next. We offer bespoke intensive care nursing services to suit the needs and requirements of the client both in the hospital and at home. Our services are adaptable, diligent and professional. They include:

Expert ICU nurses – We never compromise on the quality of our staff. We find the best, highest trained and best performing intensive care nurses in the UK. We continue to train and provide support for our nurses to ensure they can consistently deliver exceptional healthcare at every level and in all situations.

Compassionate carers – The ICU department is one of the most challenging for the medical staff, the patient and the families. It takes more than training and experience to be a part of the amazing teams that work in the ICU. With compassionate nurses, the emotional burden is lighter on the patient and the family. Our goal is to provide the best care for the patient and their family in these trying times.

Flexible scheduling – We offer various staffing options depending on the needs of our clients. We can offer permanent placements, fixed-term, temporary and direct engagement intensive care nursing services. Our adaptable services can also help you cover any shortfalls in your team. We can also create bespoke packages that ensure you offer the best care and support to all ICU patients.

Unflappable service – Working in the ICU requires one to remain calm and collected even in high-pressure situations. Regardless of the situation, you should make precise decisions for the sake and good of the patients. Because we understand the extreme pressure that comes with working in an intensive care unit, we provide our nurses with a complete package of training, assistance and support to help them adapt and keep up with the challenges of working in the ICU. The training we provide is also critical in ensuring that patients have the best care at all times.

Intensive Care Nursing Jobs

We are always looking to expand our professional team of mental health nurses, and are happy to accept prospective applications from highly skilled candidates who are able to cope well under pressure. We offer incredibly competitive rates of pay, and our team enjoy a range of benefits.

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