Nursing Home Nurses

Working in a nursing home requires in-depth training and knowledge of the conditions associated with ageing and the likely complications. Nurses working in a nursing home have their work cut out for them. They are professionals and become like family to the residents, providing a homely feeling in a highly professional environment where all the patient’s needs are catered to quickly and effectively.

Nursing home nurses need to be diverse. Practical Nursing Agency understands this need. That’s why we have an extensive team of nursing home nurses who are well-trained and have years of experience working in different care homes.

Our team of nursing home nurses can work in different facilities, whether private, run by charities or local councils. The nurses can also provide nursing care at home for those that still have some independence. As the leading nursing agency in London and across the U.K, get in touch today!

The Role of Nursing Home Nurses

Nursing homes employ various types of nursing home nurses to complete multiple tasks. Each level of nursing works in tandem with other sections to provide high-quality nursing care:

Nursing aides and assistants

This is the lowest tier of nursing home nurses. They handle basic tasks under the supervision of licensed practical nurses. These duties include helping patients with personal hygiene, helping patients complete tasks like going to the bathroom, emptying catheters and changing bedpans. This group of nurses can also maintain patient records, dietary care and prevention of bedsores, among other tasks.

Licensed practical nurses

The next tier is the LPNs, who work under the supervision of registered nurses. They perform many of the same tasks as the nursing aides and assistants. They can also complete more advanced duties like monitoring respiration, blood pressure, oxygen levels, heart rates and temperature in the patients. They can also insert catheters, treat bedsores, give injections and administer medications.

Registered nurses

RNs hold the highest nursing position in nursing homes. They are tasked with overseeing the activities of the rest of the nursing staff. Registered nurses are responsible for overseeing the patient’s overall health and medical history. Their primary goal is to ensure every person in the nursing home receives the best care possible.

Our Care Home Nursing Services

Care homes require several tiers of nurses to function at full capacity and deliver the best care to the residents. Considering a majority of the residents suffer from various conditions, it's essential that the nurses are experienced and know how to manage the conditions while ensuring the residents are comfortable during their stay.

Compassionate care – As one of the leading nursing agencies in the UK supplying qualified nurses and healthcare assistance to various facilities, we only pick the most compassionate nurses for deployment. In a care home facility, the nurses are like family and ought to be compassionate and thoughtful of the patient, treating them with dignity and addressing them respectfully. Our nurses hold themselves to the highest standards and deliver care and support to those same standards.

Flexible scheduling – We don't tie you down to rigorous timelines that make it difficult to operate. Some facilities face unique challenges. We are always here to provide such facilities with bespoke solutions that work for both of us. You can access quality staff on the shortest notice, and you're assured of a cordial working relationship that ensures adaptable care for all nursing homes in the UK.

Unparalleled expertise – Our roster has the best-in-sector nurses, who are well-trained and with years of experience. We go even further to encourage the development of our teams by providing the nurses with training and support to ensure the nurses have the latest information to help them disburse their duties expeditiously and effectively. Rest assured that our nurses will fit into your care home effortlessly and create a positive impact in a short time.

Friendly service – Our nurses are about providing the best quality care and striking up genuine friendships with the residents and the permanent staff that make them feel loved and care for. Because of their charm, the nurses quickly mesh with the rest of the team, providing an excellent and cordial working environment with top-notch care and support.

Nursing Home Nursing Jobs

We are always looking to expand our professional team of nursing home nurses, and welcome prospective applications from skilled candidates with a passion for compassionate care to some of society’s most vulnerable individuals. With a range of great benefits and incredibly competitive rates of pay, our team is comprised of first-class care home nurses.

Contact us today to continue your journey of professional development as part of the UK’s most supportive care home nursing agency network.