What is Adult Nursing?

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Nursing is a highly rewarding field not only in terms of job satisfaction but also in the payment packages. Like other jobs, there are different fields of nursing that leverage different skills and characters. Adult nursing is one of them.

To be an adult nurse, you need to be centred, understand the different needs, values and beliefs of your patient and the communities they come from. This type of nursing requires ongoing decision-making for the comfort and improvement of the patient.

What is Adult Nursing?

Most people think adult nursing is for the elderly. But adult nursing caters to adults from 18 years old and above in various settings, including hospitals and home care. The level of dependency in the patients varies widely. Sometimes, adult nursing is also referred to as general nursing.

Adult nurses need to have the skills, physical, psychological and social power to meet the patient’s needs and support them through their care pathways. Adult nurses should also be able to work with other health care and social care professionals to maximise the patient’s recovery, rehabilitation and adaptation to their condition.

Career Overview of an Adult Nurse

Adult nursing is a dynamic carrier. The job isn’t limited to treating the patient only but also extending support to their families.

Adult nurses have multiple responsibilities that include helping doctors diagnose patients, providing advice, taking care of the paperwork and follow-up care. There are also a lot of opportunities in this career with lucrative salaries and job sectors.

Adult nurses are the main point of contact for adult patients and their families. The nurses also play a vital role in medical and professional staff teams. They are a critical part of healthcare teams that include doctors and healthcare assistants.

A qualified adult nurse can work in various settings that include hospital and community settings. The latter includes a care home or home-based patient care.

What to Expect as an Adult Nurse?

Saying that the adult nurse career is challenging is an understatement. While you will face your fair share of challenges as an adult nurse, there are equally plenty of opportunities that will improve your career and make the job more satisfying. Some of the expectations in a career as an adult nurse include:

  • Flexible working hours. In some settings, you can work according to your choice of shift.
  • Your work environment and conditions will change depending on where you work. Some of the common work environments adult nurses will find themselves in include hospitals, wards, or patients’ homes. In some cases, you might be in charge of several patients in a ward, and in other cases, you might be tasked with looking after one or two patients in a high dependency unit or intensive care.
  • Opportunities for career breaks and retraining are plenty in the adult nursing field in a short time, especially when you decide to work overseas.
  • You have the option of working as a freelance consultant through agencies as a private nurse.
  • Adult nursing is a physically and emotionally demanding job most of the time. It is also remarkably satisfying when the condition of the patient improves.

The Responsibilities of an Adult Nurse

A typical day at work for an adult nurse can be a challenging but exciting adventure. Your responsibilities change rapidly and drastically depending on your role and area of nursing. Your tasks will also vary. Some of the typical responsibilities of an adult nurse include;

  • Helping doctors with examinations and determining the best care to give to patients.
  • Responding quickly to emergencies
  • Writing patient care plans
  • Implements some plans for various tasks, including preparing patients for operations, monitoring pulse, temperature and blood pressure, and treating wounds.
  • Recording and observing the patients’ condition
  • Mentoring junior and student nurses
  • Supplying blood transfusions and drips.
  • Using specialist equipment
  • Gaining the trust and confidence of each patient you work with
  • Monitoring and recording the progress of the patient
  • Supporting the patient and their families.

Where Do Adult Nurses Work?

There are numerous opportunities and various fields where qualified nurses can work. Typically, most nurses work in a hospital setting and community settings. However, adult nurses are not just limited to these fields.

Qualified and experienced adult nurses can also work as nurse trainers delivering health education in various environments, including;

  • Prisons
  • Residential nursing homes
  • Emergency helplines
  • Occupational health
  • Air ambulance services
  • The armed forces
  • Holiday companies
  • Leisure cruise ships
  • Voluntary organisations

Qualifications of Studying Adult Nursing

The grades and academic requirements to become an adult nurse vary depending on the institution. You can always confirm the requirements from the institution you’re interested in before applying.

You will need at least two A-Levels in sciences like biology, mathematics, chemistry, physics, or psychology. You will also need five GCSEs in grades C and above, mostly in Math’s English and Science, among other academic and security requirements.

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