Why Do You Want to Be a Nurse?

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Whether you’re looking to study nursing or you’re looking for a nursing job, there’s one question that will always linger around – “Why do you want to be a nurse?” It’s not only a question you need to know how to answer but could also shape your nursing career and ensure you’re following the right career path.

Reason to be a Nurse

The first time you need to answer the question “why do you want to be a nurse?” is when you’re in school. There’s more to nursing than the working opportunities and salary. What drives you to be a nurse will fuel you to give it your best even when it gets tough. Some of the reasons why people become nurses include;

Nurses make a real difference

A nurse’s job description is more than performing medical tasks. As a nurse, you can make a real difference in the lives of people you work with. You can give your patients hope, usually during the worst and most difficult times of their lives.

Nurses can counsel patients and their families after a devastating diagnosis. You can also celebrate with them when they get good news, and during the treatment period, you become a trusted confidant.

Nursing degrees are common

For a job that is so satisfying, it’s surprising that nursing degrees are quite common. Health professions are among the top associate degrees. In most cases, large cities have some colleges and universities that offer BSN and ADN programs.

You can find a job quickly

It is relatively easy to get into the workforce with the right certifications. It makes it easy for you to get back to school while working on your bachelor’s degree. You can get a job after graduating from an accredited two-year associate program.

High level of job satisfaction

Job satisfaction in the nursing career is extremely high. Most nurses would almost always encourage other people to join the nursing career. This is more so the case when the nurses are well supported by their employer. Helping patients feel better and making the world a better place has a way of making you feel more satisfied with your job and making you feel that what you do matters.

Do some exciting work

Nursing is a diverse field. Each day, you’re working with new patients. Whether you’re working in a clinic, hospital, or office, there’s no dull day in the nursing field. You get to work with dedicated people learning new things in the health industry. Also, depending on your situation, you work fewer hours, and if you love travelling, you can also go into travel nursing.

Why Do You Want to do Nursing?

In almost every nursing job interview you go to, the interviewer will ask you, “Why do you want to do nursing?” That’s because, beyond qualification, most nurses have a reason why they love the field and want to work here. How you answer this question could very well determine if you get the job or not.

Although you might have the qualifications and the passion, knowing how to approach this question is critical. It will help you pass many nursing position interviews and take advantage of every opportunity you get in nursing.

There are several steps you should take to plan your answer before the interview. If you have to, write down what you want to say, but avoid memorising the answer. A few tips to consider when answering this question include;

Be genuine

Don’t get lost in trying to make up an answer that you think will sound good to interviewers. Simply reflect on your core values and the reasons that led you to make a career in nursing in the first place. Think about what in the nursing field excites you or makes you feel happy or fulfilled. Consider how nursing relates to your skills and values and what you hope to achieve as a nurse.

Make it personal

Giving a personal story about why you want to be a nurse provides the potential employer special insight into your personal value with some context. Sharing personal anecdotes will also differentiate you from other candidates who share the same background.

This question is an opportunity for you to identify and articulate what motivates you to be a better nurse and a better person in life.

Share your experiences

You can use your background and experiences to give a comprehensive answer that paints a clear picture of your core values and why you want to pursue a career in nursing. Share any previous experiences you’ve had helping people like critical care patients, seniors, or children. Share the details in your answer.

Example Answer

“A few years ago, my brother was seriously sick. Nurses played a critical role in his recovery. They were there with us throughout the process, ensuring he was taken care of, comfortable and that we were updated. They went overboard to find out how we were doing every time we could to see him, and I could see the love and passion in what they were doing. I would love to make my patients and those close and dear to them feel the same way those nurses made us feel. That’s why I’m here.

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